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How to fix payment failure
Nov 16, 2022 | HOW TO | 0 | 21 | 0
How to fix payment  failure

How to fix hotkicks payment failure

Banks review cross-border payments, especially credit card payments, so some customers may experience payment failures. The following are the methods to solve the payment failure. According to the following solutions, the payment can generally be completed:


1. Contact our customer service to obtain an account for transfer payment. Transfer payment is an efficient payment method that will not be reviewed and intercepted by the bank.

    Some bank cards do not have the authority for cross-border payment, you can consider contacting your bank to open. Or change to a bank card with cross-border payment authority.



2. We have 3 online payment methods of credit card and debit card. If you fail the first time, it is recommended that you wait 3 minutes and choose the other two payment methods.

If all fails, then you can contact the bank and tell the bank: the website I just paid for (don't tell the bank the specific website name) is safe, please allow me to pay. After the bank replies that the permission has been released, you can try the above three credit card payments again.


This method can also be tried again the next day.



3. If your bank card has more than two debit records, please contact our customer service first to solve it, and we will tell you the solution.





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