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The Difference Between of LJR and OG | HOTKICKS
Dec 16, 2022 | Q&A | 2 | 55 | 0
The Difference Between of LJR and OG | HOTKICKS

The Difference Between of LJR and OG

Hotkicks have two factories with advanced technology.Produce 1:1 high quality replica shoes of  LJR version and OG version respectively.Our factory has strict production and acceptance standards, from the selection of raw materials, to production equipment, to production processes and processes. We adopt strict quality control methods and standards to ensure the production of the highest quality shoes. We firmly believe that our shoes must be of the highest quality compared with similar products.


What is the difference between the two versions of LJR and OG?


——The shoemaking technology adopted by LJR is more sophisticated, and the product workmanship is more refined and the quality is the best.

LJR is the best quality, and the price is also more expensive than the OG version. It is a good choice for people who pursue higher quality.


——OG also has good shoemaking technology, but the material suppliers for remanufacturing shoes are slightly different, and the quality is also very good.

OG is second only to LJR in terms of price and quality. As the so-called "good quality and low price". Almost everyone can afford to get their beloved shoes.

The following is a comparison chart of two versions of Jordan 4 Off-White Sail as an example:


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